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The message is directly from my friend about the situation:

"We just received some unexpected news when we had delivered a photo book to our son's birth family. They said that our son had an older brother who was adopted too! We didn't know he had any siblings! If anyone has a son from Ethiopia (kembata area - near Durame) whose birth mother's name is Birtukan Tesfaye would you please private message me! We know it's a long shot, but thought I would check.
I believe his name may have been Wegen or Wogen (spelling could be wrong)."

Her son is currently almost 3 years old, and his brother would be older. The care center he would have been in services several agencies including Holt, Children's Home and Bethany.

If you have any information that could help her, please message me. I can also put you in contact with her directly via email.

Thank you,

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Thank goodness for this forum!  I saw Jen's post in January and thought maybe, just maybe, the Wogene she mentioned could be the little boy Wogene from my travel group.  Turns out that it is! (Wogene's mom just let me know, and she was very happy to have discovered that the boys are related.)  So cool.
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That is so awesome!!
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