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We spent the last 10 glorious days in Ethiopia with our ET born children reuniting them with their families. While at our dd's families home, a neighbor approached us...desperate for information about a little boy they took care of and relinquished several years ago. I promised to help get information about his well-being. So....Yosef Yohannes was abandoned as a newborn 9 years ago in "Kerka" Lada near Shinshicho. The neighbor found him and they cared for him for 3 years until they relinquished him in the month of August 6 years ago. They said the orphanage was "Beta Zaita" but not Chsfs....if anyone knows of this boy (now 9 years old) please email thanks.
ds samuel-8 bio
ds drew-7 bio
ds owen-5 home from ET 2-06 at 10 weeks old
dd tesfanesh-3 home from ET 9-08 at 5 months old
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Melanie- is this ok to post on fb?  Including your email?
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