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Check out the work going on by Roots Ethiopia in Kembata, Tembaro, Hadiya, and Silte regions of Ethiopia. You can click on the link and sign up for email if you'd like.

You can also directly access our work via the website: 
We have a great blog and many images of places where many of our children were born. 

If you have questions about Roots Ethiopia, feel free to email me at

Thanks for looking!

3 biggies; 20.22.24
little boy: Ezekiel Lirenso 5/27/08
Court success 6/18/08
Travel date 8/7/08
Home 8/16/08
medium boy: Reshid Abdu 8 years WIC Ethiopia: court passed 10/22/2012 and home 1/21/2013
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