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Still here too. Glad to see you all are as well.
Betselot home 12/2006 @ 7 months
Ambike home 9/2008 @ 4 months

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Sarah I'm going to respond to you sleep question in a different thread so as to not hijack this one.k?
Shannon & Teg

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Thanks for posting this thread to rejuvenate us all a bit, Myla!  I still check in here though most of my Ethiopia-related activity is on FB now.  I agree with those who said there is nothing quite like this forum used to be - the sense of community and learning together was amazing and was an incredible source of support and education as we researched adoption, moved through the various stages of the process, and brought our son home.  Glad there are still people checking in!



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So nice to see people's names pop up again! I agree with all that has been said - this forum served as a lifeline during our process! Our travel group was in Ethiopia when the announcement came that the old forum was shutting down. We were shocked and devastated thinking that we would finally return home with our children only to find our support system dissolved. Thank you to everyone who helped transition us to this new home!

Our daughter, now 3.5 is a spitfire and the joy and light of our lives!

Stefani & Brian
DD born 5/9/09 ~ home 10/16/09

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I still check in once or twice a month to see what's new. I'd like to echo what people have said, this forum was the first one I found (well in the old version, but I migrated here ) over 4 years ago now.. yikes. 

It's nothing anyone has ever said or even implied, but I've always sort of felt like I am on the outside looking in, desperately wanting to feel like I belonged here. Adoption, for my family, is still very abstract. We just passed 32 months of waiting in our agency's ET program, and have been dual listed officially for 11 months in the South Korea program. To say the least, I'm tired of being a PAP. 

I've also found some FB groups for support, like many of you. It's nice to hear from some old names on here!

Officially Waiting Ethiopia 5/21/10
Referral! 4 month old girl 3/4/13

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I am still here and check in every week or so.  When we were waiting it was such a nice place to come and search for information, vent, and be a part of something during the hard waiting times.  I still find interesting information and help. but just in a different and slower way.

Hope we can stand together!

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DS - twins Jeremiah and Josiah 8
DD - Jocelyn 7
twins from Ethiopia - DS - Jacob Millennium
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Still here as well!  Things are busy as ever so I don't check in as often, but it was a real treat to read through the posts and catch up with so many familiar "faces". 

I too am so thankful for this forum. So many times I was able to find solace and peace through the wise words of the men and women on this forum. Also, the vast amount of info and connections made along the way have been invaluable to me; some true friends have come from this wonderful place of support!

We are all doing well. Still struggling through sleep issues here and there (I wonder if I will ever get a full nights rest!), but our little Sprout is vivacious and spirited as ever -yes, the spirit still lives on! She's quite clever, smarter than I can ever imagine being and extremely funny. Our every day is brightened by her existence.... Well, every day that she puts being a drama queen on hold, and opts for funny instead of over the top dramatic that is. LOL 

Again, it is great to hear from so many of you. I hope we will continue to connect and support one another through our many journeys. 

DD "Sprout"

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Hi Myla.
I guess the fact that I just now saw this thread tells you how often I get by here. Life is pretty busy with 4 kids though.

Mommy to M (7, Ethiopia 2005), E (6, Guatemala 2007), K (5, China 2009), A (3, China 2011) and waiting for baby girl in China!

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I haven't checked in here in awhile so just saw this. I am still out there. Life for sure has gotten busy.

This group has always been great and supportive.

Overall we are going well. Kiya is 4 and so full of life and energy. We are coming up on 4 years home. I quit  my job to be a stay at home mom when our youngest came home from South Korea this past August. Katie is 2 next month and wow....adopting a toddler can be very challenging. Glad I am devoting the time to it. Parenting a biracial toddler is also challenging.

Our family of 4 is complete and seemingly always moving.

It was nice to pop on over and see the old gang again.

DH: Dave
DD: Kiya, home from Ethiopia May 2009
DD: Katie, home from South Korea August 2012

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Myla! I wish you'd come over to Facebook, there's a pretty big and varied community out there. Not quite as safe I think as this one used to feel, but I've established some great relationships from it and there are so many opportunities for growing. As for my son, he's doing amazingly well. Smart as a whip, kind, funny, a life changer for all who are lucky enough to meet him. Most of all for me. Parenting him has truly been the greatest gift and for one I am grateful for each and every day. We are coming up on 5 years since we came home from Ethiopia. So hard to believe.

So good to hear from you!

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Hello, All
I used to come here often. I haven't stopped in for many months.
So good to see some familiar faces.
We are well. Shega and Megan are now 10 and 6 and with us for six years.
We are blessed beyond measure. I am a lucky, lucky, lucky mama!

I've found some places on facebook too and hang out there more often. Ethiopia mamas and ethiopian adoptive parents. I see some of you hanging out there sometimes.

Best wishes from the Heits!

One hubby and six kids
Two flew the coop
Two play the part of adoring siblings to
Two home from ET in Dec. 2006

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Wow it has been so long since I have been here, but it is great to see how everyone is doing.  We are 5 years home with Jared now and boy have things changed.  We are very busy with kid stuff and I don't get to post here as much as I would like but I think of you all often.  You guys are like family I just don't get to see very often.  I am on fB a lot and would love to be part of a community there.  Especially now that we are further out from the adoption event and initial adjustment. We struggle with incorporating ET into Jareds life and are contemplating a home land trip in the next year or two.
Stephanie (& Steve)
Mom to 2
Lauren, 11 yrs. (bio)
Jared 8 yrs (ET 2008)

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