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What kind of legal action? I have a hard time imagining what an agency could really do. It may be part of a contract, but I don't see how it could be enforceable in any way.

We are pretty late on our pprs right now but we haven't received even a reminder email or anything.

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Mom to B., born Nov. 2003,
home from ET Sept. 2006

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Due to confirmation (independently) that the PPR's are not getting to our families in ET, I do fill them out simply to be compliant but I use one word answers "yes", "no", "fine", "none" took me all of 2 mintues to complete each one last month.
One of my major reasons for still sending is just in the very small chance we ever want/are able to adopt from ET again, I don't want non compliance in this area to be the reason we could not adopt again.

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One year later with a trip back to ET to visit family. I am thrilled not to be complying with this requirement. Families are not receiving them and there is no indication that anything significant has changed in the way children are processed.

I am not dishonoring myself or my family by not writing these reports. I am honoring ethics and truth in not doing them.

Families in Ethiopia are missing their children. I will not write even a bare bones report to support a system that leaves families desperate for word of their babies. 

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